Since Arizona Jobbers Supply became a Federated member Sayre has supplied all of our shirts and marketing give-a-ways. Let me start out by saying that Randy and Melissa are very professional and a pleasure to deal with. They always take time to help us design our shirts whether it’s our uniforms that we wear daily or a special give-a-way shirt for our customers. In addition to our shirts, Randy and Melissa have helped us with other promotional items for our customers. Since our first order we have not had any issues with quality and durability

There are many suppliers we could use here in Phoenix, but when it comes down to it…I only trust Sayre to get the job done quickly, to high standards and at a competitive price.

Best Regards,

Brandon Hopper

Arizona Jobbers Supply

For any Federated members still on the fence for using Sayre, let this letter become the reason you start to use them. To give a little background; before my promotion to Marketing Director at Hovis, Sayre dealt with my predecessors Meredith and Jeremiah. As she left for her family business, she stressed that Sayre had the best service of any apparel company she could find. Since I trusted her opinion, I started to immediately use Sayre. Sayre lived up to everything she said they were, and then they fully surpassed any expectation I had ever wanted in an apparel company.

I deal directly with Randy Sheffield and Melissa West. Randy and Melissa are some of the nicest and most intelligent reps I have run across in the apparel industry. They answer phone calls and emails promptly, will help with any project you have, and make miracles happen if you have a tight deadline. I have used Sayre for numerous projects. They do all our embroidered hats, golf balls, mugs, dress shirts/polos for salesmen, collapsible chairs, and so much more.

Since they are the official apparel company for Federated, they are able to quickly co-brand any Federated product that the buying group runs a special on. The upcharges for co-branding are nominal, and they adjust to any request you might have with ease. They have made my acquisitions over the past two years very simple to accomplish.

I could go on and on about how great Sayre is and how wonderful it is to deal with Randy and Melissa, but that would take pages of writing to accomplish the task. They have great competitive pricing, wonderful embroidery/screen print work, and can obtain any quality of apparel a company could ever want.

This company is the real deal, and has never failed at a task I have given them. If any member would like more information on Sayre, I am willing to personally talk to you about them. That’s how much I believe in what they do for Hovis Auto and Truck Supply. If you go with Sayre you will get nothing but the best.

So in closing: Great product is only half the battle in the apparel world. Their company provides all the service pieces that are usually missing with other apparel companies like competitive pricing, friendly/brilliant personnel, and a drive to meet any deadline that is given to them. This is what truly puts Sayre in the elite class of apparel companies.


Kenneth A. Pulaski

Email: kenpulaski@hovisauto.com


April 9, 2014
Your company was great to do business with. You guys helped us move a lot of merchandise with your promotional items over the years. Thanks. Gary